About Us

Dhamma Vipula (Dhamma Profound), founded in 2005, is situated amidst 3 acres of forest land. It is a highest point on Parsik Hill, New Mumbai.  Its location enables fast access to the center for people living busy life in metropolitan city. At the same time, its unpolluted & clean hilly surroundings offer serene & peaceful atmosphere conducive for meditation. Center is a two storied spacious building accommodating approx. 100+ students. Center is equipped with self contained air conditioned residential rooms, dining hall, fully air conditioned meditation hall and 100+ cell Pagoda for individual meditation. Elevator is available for use of the elderly, pregnant and students with health issues.  

In addition to 10 day meditation area, center has a separate wing where regular short courses are conducted for old students and has a dedicated area for one day courses which are Center has also held on every Sunday for old students.

Entrance to the Center (Picture taken on April 30, 2018)