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“For real happiness, for real lasting stable happiness, one has to make a journey deep within oneself and see that one gets rid of all the unhappiness and misery stored in the deeper levels of the mind.” - S N Goenka

In 1969, fulfilling his teacher, the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin's wish, S N Goenka travelled to India and started teaching the technique of Vipassana Meditation.


Within a short span of time, the Ganges of pure Dhamma began to flow throughout this great nation. People of all ages, across sects and religions, from places far and wide, came to attend these residential 10-day courses. Indeed, no barrier, social and economic, stood in the way of these genuine seekers of a non-sectarian, universal technique. The word and the technique spread beyond borders and went all over the world.

Many business executives and high-ranking Government officials not only started practicing Vipassana, but helped facilitate courses by whatever means possible to them. Such was the dedication and gratitude experienced by many meditators, they even helped conduct gypsy courses, in places where no vipassana centers existed.


In the present day and age, when stressful living has become a regular part of an executive's life, it has been an endeavor to provide a centre dedicated to executives, professionals and top government officials to facilitate their learning Vipassana meditation, a sure way out of misery.

Dhamma Vipula has therefore been selected due to its strategic location - close enough to reach from all parts of Mumbai. Its pristine, quiet surroundings create the right environment for practice, helping people plan a ten-day course and experience Vipassana Meditation and its benefits first-hand.

All courses offered at the Dhamma Vipula Vipassana Meditation Center are conducted by assistant teachers of S. N. Goenka using audio visual instruction & discourses of Mr. Goenka. All ten day courses begin the evening of the arrival day and end early morning of the departure day.

How to apply for a course

  1. An online application is required to register for all courses.
  2. Steps:
    • Read the Code of Discipline.
    • View the Course List
    • Click “Apply” beside the desired course date to fill in the online application form.
    • Await notification: All correspondence will be through e-mail. In case, you have not provided email in your application, please send us an email at You will receive notification up to one month before start of the course. 
    • Reply to Pre-Confirmation email: On selection of application, pre-confirmation email will be sent to the applicant to ensure confirmation of attendance. Applicants need to reply to this email in the requisite time period to secure their place in the course.
    • Final confirmation: On receiving positive reply to pre-confirmation email from applicant, final valid confirmation number will be issued.

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